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How much do the garden rooms cost?
Garden rooms are made bespoke to your requirements with costs ranging from £7,760 to £13,608, depending on the materials and models you choose.
What materials do you use?
Walls are made of wood with Kingspan insulation. Choose from several different wood finishes, according to your requirements, including larch pine and cedar wood. Windows are new PVC, with a choice of colours.
How long will it take for my garden room to arrive?
From the initial design right through to installation, you can expect the process to take four to six weeks, depending on the model you choose.
How long will it take for my garden room to be installed?
It usually takes 2-3 days to construct your garden room, depending on the model you choose.
Can I have electricity in my garden room?
Yes. Electrical containment will be in place. All you need to do is hire a registered electrician who will be able to install the correct electrical wiring, supply and appliances.
Can I have heating in my garden room?
Yes, Our Garden Rooms are exceptionally well insulated, unlike other garden rooms we have made it a requirement that our garden room construction meets with building regulations; with walls at 0.24W m2k, floors at 0.20 W m2k and the roof at 0.20 W m2k so, with the right heating system, it will be very cost-effective to heat.
Can I decorate the garden room?
Yes. Walls and Ceilings are primed matt finish, so you can paint or decorate how you like. We can also appoint someone if required.
Who prepares the garden?
The garden room requires a solid level surface, there are various solutions available following a site survey we can advise on what your garden requires prior to installation.
What happens if there’s no access to the garden?
We should be able to move the panels easily through your home if there’s no easy access to the garden. Please call to discuss your circumstances; we’ll be more than happy to offer a solution.
How long will my garden room last?
We give a ten-year structural warranty. However, we’re sure your garden room will last much longer.
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